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Dwight Moldenhauer has spent more than 25 years bringing his unique knowledge and skills to the businesses and people of Western New York. His personalized methods allow clients to feel confident in their planning, providing the strategies with solid integrity.

About Us

About Us

A Message from Dwight Moldenhauer

Our specialized practice focus grew out of the many years of working with business owners and their key employees and hearing them express time and time again their needs, fears and desires. Business owners, for the most part, recognize that their success often came at the expense of their personal asset creation and wealth  protection. Their largest asset is typically their company but their personal wealth accumulation needs and family protection outside of the company also need attention. These same business owners recognize that their key talent was and continues to be important to their success and they recognize that they will be critical to their succession plans.

Traditional benefits don’t provide the incentive to reward and retain the loyalty of these key people. Selective Executive Benefit Plans provide unique opportunities to help the business owner with these critically important business strategies.

For many years we have learned from key employees of successful companies what really matters to them.  Typically it’s protecting their family’s income in the event something happens to them and an opportunity to build retirement funds. But in the absence of these benefits, it is a rare individual that won’t move on to a better offer at another company. Well designed benefits can provide true value that is targeted and selective and provide the business owner with current and future flexibility.

It is rewarding to work with companies that are committed to success. They enrich the lives of their employees and the very fabric of our community.