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When conventional benefit strategies just aren't enough, Dwight Moldenhauer Inc. offers the selective benefit concepts that will ensure successful companies retain, reward and recruit that top talent.



Tailored Executive Benefit Solutions

Helping you attract, reward and retain key people.

The Dwight Moldenhauer Inc. difference is palpable. DMI affords business owners the ability to be more selective than ever when planning for the future. We attribute our success to maintaining our integrity and trustworthiness while personalizing business strategies for Western New York's most successful companies since 1982.

We listen. We are progressive. We have the unique ability to develop tailored executive benefit strategies to help ensure the personal and professional success of our clients.

Business Owner Perspective

Business Owner Perspective

You have worked hard to build your company. Dwight Moldenhauer Inc. can develop strategies that

help build wealth...

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

Deferred Compensation

Your top performers are your company’s best

assets. Reward and

retain them with our Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans...

Egon Moldenhauer

Why Trust Dwight Moldenhauer, Inc.

Egon Moldenhauer's focus is on Executive Benefit and Business Owner planning strategies....